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Navegadores y personalidad

El uso de un navegador u otro ¿qué revela de tu personalidad? Post humorístico y en inglés que intenta responder a esa pregunta, por ejemplo: "IE 7.0: You consider yourself to be on the cutting edge of technology. You think that Microsoft is the greatest company on the earth, and that this evil “Lenoux” operating system is made by terrorists".

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115 0 3 K 574 mnm

You are a liar. You really want me to believe that you use a text browser for everything? xD
Muy bueno :-D

If a Firefox fanboi starts talking smack about your browser you quickly shoot him down by proposing the ACID2 test. You know what you want (a fast, standards compliant browser) and you know where to get it.

Jajajajaj! Excelente!! xD!
Casi se olvida de mi querido Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.0; es-ES; rv: Gecko/20060729 MultiZilla/ SeaMonkey/1.0.4, o sea, Seamonkey, para reducir la cosa.
He leído tando que ya no recuerdo ni qué decía sobre los usuarios de este gran suite.
You are a linux user, and a geek at heart. You think that KDE is the best desktop environment out there, and you despise Gnome. You love the fact that your browser is also file manager, a ftp/scp client, smb share client, a PDF viewer and many other things. You like to show off KDE’s network transparency to your friends by scp’ing to your web server, editing HTML file, saving it, and then refreshing the modified page without ever leaving the browser. Most of the applications you use on a daily basis have names starting with a k (Kmail, Kontact, Kdevelop, Koffice etc..)

Lo ha bordado...
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