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John Deere con Legos  

Si bien no hay ningún modelo oficial de John Deere, no faltan los fans de John Deere con LEGO. Van desde complicados modelos de Lego Technic con piezas móviles a simples tractores John Deere formados con las tradicionales piezas de Lego.

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Yo es que soy más de Massey Ferguson: es el tractor al que más quiere la afición.
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Sorry for the translation issues. Google seems inadequate. Any suggestions for a better service?
#4 don't worry about the translation, it can always be improved. I adapted it a little bit from the original source, I hope you like it!
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The red fury on Spanish football pitches, supporters' most beloved tractor.

He goes by the name of Massey, surname Ferguson.
Yes, thank you. Are there usually moderators who improve shoddily translated English?
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