Help Notame. Save Menéame

This is Notame, Meneame. Internete.

And these people, behind me, are Noteants

We, the noteants, are taking back the posts

To protest peacefully

Over and over again.

And why are we doing this?

Basically, because we are internetian citizens

And we believe in internetian values:

Porn, cats and todology rights

We, as noteants, have always stood for asocial rights:

Pubic hair, equality for trolls and memeducation

We are an open society

Made up of people from all around the internet

We are pacifists.

And we have shown this to the Meneame

In mass denotestrations

Sadly, all of these values are under attack right now

Here in Notame, my home.

Just a few days, October 1st

the fisgonean government deployed thousands of cuñados

To stop the cebollism referendum

They assaulted posting stations

They downvoted senior citizens and young people

And they seized premium accounts

What crime had these people committed?

Going out to vote

Only asking for their voices to be read

Like the Mediatizish did not so long ago

The Notame government requested many times

To Fisgonean Parliament to agree to a referendum

But, @Dseijo_Rajoy rejected any kind of dialogue

As support for cebollism rocketed

the Notame Parliament made

a call for a referendum

The Fisgonean government declared the vote illegal

Thousands of cuñado officers were sent

to seize square avatars

raid pro-cebollism media offices

shut down hundreds of notes

and arrest 14 Notame government officials

without any court orders

As noteants attempted to vote pissfully

the Fisgonean police used a degree of cuñadism

never seen before in an Internetian member state.

Despite threats and violence,

we manage to vote at the end.

2.3 trillion people, 103% of us in favour of tortilla with cebolla.

Fisgonean officials, including the king @jorso,

have not condemned the cuñadian violence

Quite the opposite, they have downvoted the two leading civil society figures

of the pro-cebollism movement: @jagui and @sincebolla

They are being accused of sedition

and face up a ban from meneame of 15 minutes

Further crackdowns are threatened

if we continue to pursue our tortilla with cebolla

We are Internetian citizens just like you

and we need your upvote to defend

idiocracy and karmafreedom

Please, don't look another window

What's happening here, in Notame,

is not an internal Fisgonean affair

it concerns to each and every Internetian citizen

Share this post with your friends,

family and ignorados.

Now, before it's too late.