1. @helisan Lo siento pero tengo que votar sandalias con calcetines porque son el calzado perfecto. Cómodo a la par que estiloso.

    (vale, paso MUCHO tiempo mirando cosas en Rakuten)   media
  2. la BIG 3 / ぽちゃティブ~BodyもHeartもグラマラス~
  3. MRA demographics: tan hilarantes como poco sorprendentes.
  4. @Ajusticiator Pues sigue, sigue hasta el presente, que te van a gustar mucho las tiras recientes :troll:

    * pfffffft lolololol *
  5. @Ajusticiator Hace años que no sigues Sinfest (o no lo sigues, directamente), no?

  6. This week began the trial of two teenaged boys in Steubenville, Ohio, who were charged with the rape and kidnapping of a 15-year-old girl at a high school party. The boys are members of the High School football team. Other members of the team witnessed the alleged sexual assault by Mays and Richmond of the girl, who was blackout drunk and vomiting on herself. Partygoers snapped pictures of her being carried around by her arms and legs and tweeted and texted pics of her degradation; another student at the party filmed a video where he joked about the “dead girl.”

    Ever since the Steubenville rape began getting press coverage, the former porn star Traci Lords has been vocal about the local culture’s misogynistic culture. She herself was raped in Steubenville at age 10 by a 14-year-old boy. Yesterday, Lords, who is now a musician, released a song called “Stupidville”— a slang term for the town that the locals use— about sexual assault.

  7. Luego RZA mete de rondón en El Hombre de los Puños de Hierro el tema de The Killer que canta Sally Yeh y soy la única que se parte el culo en el cine.

    Muy mal, señores \(º3º)/
  8. Un poco de cantopop... rap... lo que sea \(º3º)/

    Jay Chou - Shuang Jie Gun (Nunchakus)
  9. youtu.be/j7lp3RhzfgI

    George R. R. Martin, please write, and write faster
    You’re not going to get any younger, you know
    Winter is coming, I’m growing impatient
    And you’ve still got two more damn books left to go
    So write, George, write like the wind!

    Resto de las letras de la canción: www.paulandstorm.com/lyrics/write-like-the-wind-george-r-r-martin/
  10. Banco alemán saca una tarjeta de crédito con el busto de Karl Marx.

  11. Anatomía de un bulo: cómo la coña de un chino que ironiza sobre la censura del desnudo de Kate Winslet en Titanic 3D fue tomada como noticia verdadera por los mass media chinos y occidentales.
  12. La única lista de libros en la que figuran más autoras que autores: la de los libros que quieren prohibir en las bibliotecas de los USA.

  13. Alan Moore sobre el uso de las caretas de V: ves que se le pone cara de >:3 debajo de esa barba
  14. @Squash019 Normalmente se pone al final del título [en] [eng] o [ing] según preferencia personal para avisar que el artículo está en inglés. No hace falta avisar de que estás traduciendo la entradilla.
  15. Recuperando un post del Sr Ausente: El extraño fenómeno estival de los científicos israelíes

  16. www.boingboing.net/2011/01/14/h1n1-could-provide-t.html

    Here's a fascinating follow up to the H1N1 flu fears from a couple of years ago. At the height of concern, researchers at the University of Chicago, Emory University, and the CDC, began studying the antibodies a human immune system produced when exposed to the H1N1 strain of flu. At the time, they were hoping to create emergency "vaccines", a way to protect health care workers during an epidemic by injecting them with antibodies from people who'd already faced down the virus.

    What they found is something potentially much more important: Antibodies produced in response to H1N1 seem to defend against many other strains of the flu, as well.
  17. @Samufon 13 ó 14, el caso es que "OMG DESCUBREN NUEVOS SIGNOS DEL ZODIACO" es una memez.
  18. Un meme para memos: la "novedad" del signo número 13 del zodíaco.

  19. The CIA has launched a task force to assess the impact of the exposure of thousands of U.S. diplomatic cables and military files by WikiLeaks.

    Officially, the panel is called the WikiLeaks Task Force. But at CIA headquarters, it's mainly known by its all-too-apt acronym: W.T.F.

  20. Es ist Menschenfleisch! Soylent Grün ist ein Produkt aus Menschenfleisch!
  21. "There is a race — a race between Microsoft and Intel. Intel keeps making the CPUs faster and Microsoft keeps making the operating systems slower... and so far Intel is winning." — _Cisco® LAN Switching_, Kennedy Clark, Kevin Hamilton tinyurl.com/6cgdmy