edición general
  1. Don't ask your government for your Privacy, take it back:
    -Browser Privacy: HTTPS Everywhere, AdBlock Plus + EasyList, Ghostery, NoScript (FireFox), NotScript (Chrome)
    -VPNs: BTGuard (Canada), ItsHidden (Africa), Ipredator (Sweden), Faceless.me (Cyprus / Netherlands)
    -Internet Anonymization: Tor, Tor Browser Bundle, I2P
    -Disk Encryption: TrueCrypt (Windows / OSX / Linux), File Vault (Mac).
    -File/Email Encryption: GPGTools + GPGMail (Mac), Enigmail (Windows / OSX / Linux)
    -IM Encryption: Pidgin + Pidgin OTR
    -IM/Voice Encryption: Mumble, Jitsi
    -Phone/SMS Encryption: WhisperSystems, Ostel, Spore, Silent Circle ($$$)
    -Google Alternative: DuckDuckGo
    -Digital P2P Currency: BitCoin
    -Live Anonymous/Secure Linux: TAILS Linux
    If you have any problems installing or using the above software, please contact the projects. They would love to get feedback and help you use their software.