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•Telefónica – the former publicly-owned state monopoly; •Terra Networks – part of the Telefónica Group; •Tele2 – which has bought out Colt Telecom and prides itself on offering faster than average connection speeds; •Jazztel – the first of the ISPs to provide the faster AD



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El presidente promete 420.000 portátiles para 5º de primaria ... jojojo


The average ADSL speed on offer by all of these companies is a miserly 1024/300 kbps, with costs of about €20 to €39 a month – which is relatively steep given the slow speeds that are on offer. Faster connections offering a maximum 8 Mbps (probably the standard offer in the UK), are available but the price is considerably higher (expect to pay around €150 a month).
La velocidad media de ADSL son 1024/300 calificados de "miserables"....por 20-39 euros....El estandar UK son 8 megas....y luego dice que nuestras infraestructuras son deficientes...
Así nos ven en la Europa de la Champions League.