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Soy Pedro Duque, astronauta de la Agencia Espacial Europea. Pregúntame

#12 "According to RT, after talks in Russia's cosmodrome in Kazhakstan, the world's foremost space programmes agreed to both prolong the life of the current ISS by four years - it was due to expire in 2020 - and collaborate on the next edition. [...] The Independent has contacted Nasa about the story, and will update with its reponse."

Creo que The Independent sigue esperando la respuesta de la NASA ..., en resumen, otra noticia inventada de RT.

The U.S. has not agreed to build a new space station with Russia, despite claims from the Russian space agency's chief that the two sides had agreed to such a project, NASA's top official in Russia told the Moscow Times Tuesday. [...] But NASA's Sean Fuller, the agency's lead official in Russia, told The Moscow Times that while Bolden and Komarov certainly discussed future opportunities for cooperation, "some of the things said there were taken out of context" and no deal to build a new space station was agreed. "