El dueño de un restaurante en Albania ataca a unos turistas españoles [via Reddit]

#40 Españoles se oye claramente que hay dentro del coche, pero podría haber de otras nacionalidades también.

Tourist group ordered lunch, it was being delayed, they wanted to cancel it and got out of restaurant . The owner started threatening the group with a knife and then chased them while they were driving. During the video theres another car with the restaurant owner friends chasing the tourist car. The driver and the guide are albanian.

Throughout the video they ask the restaurant owner to get off the car hood. They stop once and he refuses to let go. In the end he lets go during the second stop and tries to open the door and attack them again but doesnt succeed.

The Minister of Tourism apologized to the group in person (balkanweb.com/klosi-takon-turistet-spanjolle-denojme-ngjarjen-galdondo)

The restaurant owner got arrested by the FNSH ( Fast Responding Forces Rapid Intervention Forces - a police section) soon after he got down from the hood of the car. He is now facing multiple charges.

Restaurant owner is the cousin of Koco Kokedhima , a famous rich person in albania, media mogul, ex-deputy of Albanian Parliament.

The video is mostly yelling and insults due to the tension and the unusuality of the situation

Edit: www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g801295-d8544806-Reviews-Panoram
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