Informe: menores chinos son forzados a trabajar 10 horas al día para fabricar dispositivos de Amazon

Salio hace unos dias en Slashdot, uno de los comentarios explicaba un poco la situación de estos 'niños':

not in this case, these are paid workers 16 years of age and older. Not even "children"

There is also nothing at all "new" about this.

China requires all high school and college students to do an internship in a factory, farm, or military unit. It is supposed to build solidarity with the working class.

My spouse attended high school in China 30 years ago, and spent 3 months working in a tractor factory.

The interns are treated exactly the same as other workers. Same pay, same working conditions, same overtime policies.

Most Chinese view these internships as a Good Thing, that instills work ethic and job skills.

Maybe we should do something similar in America.