CityTree, el panel de musgo que absorbe la contaminación como si fuese 275 árboles

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I work for a regional European EPA. My job is to figure out ways to combat air pollution in cities.
There are loads of companies out there that promise wonder solutions that will magically clean our air. "City Tree" is one of them. These companies back their products with research paid for by them.

We also pay researchers to figure out how efficient different ways of combating air pollution are. City Tree is one of the measures they analysed for us. The result of our analysis is that City Tree has a very positive effect on air quality around 10 centimetres (yes, centimetres) in the vicinity of the City Tree. It has almost no measurable effect on the scale of a street.

As much as we'd like such technology to work (it would make many things much easier), it just doesn't.

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