La Informática se incorpora como ciencia al Bachillerato inglés

No creo que sea off-topic aclarar un poco por qué en el mundo angloparlante no está tan popularizada la palabra "Informática" (informatics) y usan "computer science" en su lugar. Al final, fue por un tema de protección del nombre de una compañía:

"The fact that the term Computer Science is used instead of Informatics in the English language has nothing to do with them having different meanings. The terms Informatics (English) and Informatique (French) were each coined separately, by Walter F. Bauer in the USA and Phillipe Dreyfus in France, in the same month of the same year, March 1962. Bauer and Dreyfus were the founders of the companies Informatics General Corporation and Societe pour L’Informatique et Applique, respectively. In France, the term was adopted a few years later as a French word by the Academie française, and, adapted to local languages (Informática, Informatik, etc.), immediately spread across all of Europe. As part of Bauer’s company name, the English term Informatics was, however, protected by American law. This prevented its use (note that the Association for Computing Machinery applied to Bauer for permission to change its name to Society for Informatics and, on the advice of the company’s lawyers, was refused). In the English-speaking world, then, Computer Science or Computing, which were not protected, became popular and are now the terms in common usage. At any rate, when Bauer’s company went out of business, institutions in English-speaking countries, at the University of Edinburgh (UK), Indiana University (USA) or Flinders University (Australia), for example, began to adopt the name of School of Informatics."

Fuente: Informatics and (et) Informatique, Walter F. Bauer, IEEE Annals of the History of Computing, Vol. 18, No. 2, 1996.