Workstations que harán que te pongas celoso

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"I talked to a retired JPL engineer who was using Macs on his desk all the way back to the vintage Macintosh SE. He feels the population of Macs grew when the company started making solid notebooks, like the first MacBook Pro. "People started bringing their own into work, and pretty soon a lot of other people followed. Soon they became almost standard issue at JPL, where they were popular in imaging work, especially creating large mosaics, and when OS X came out there was the added advantage of an OS that was UNIX based."

The engineer also cited the Pentium floating point division error in the 1990s as a factor in the Mac's adoption. PowerPC Mac workstations of that era didn't use the Intel microprocessor and were unaffected by the arithmetic flaw in the Pentium CPU; the flaw was so obscure that it took number theory experiments to expose it, but Intel's lackluster initial response didn't sit well with people who might be risking a multimillion-dollar interplanetary probe on the Nth decimal place of a calculation.

Jerry Blackmon, who used to do desktop support at the Goddard Space Flight Center, also cited a bring-your-own-device attitude as part of the Mac movement. "The scientists and engineers can request whatever platform they desire, and they mostly pick Macs. And it isn't specifically for stuff that runs in X11 either; they use their Macs for everything and emulate when they need to use a Windows app."

A mí lo que me da la sensación es que hay un gran patrocinio de Apple.

No, te lo acabo de demostrar.
En Google usarán Chromebook con Chrome OS o lo que les de la gana. (No me sorprende, después de todo, es lo que ellos desarrollan internamente).

En la Nasa, usan Macs. Y lo hacen por elección. Puestos a elegir, es lo que prefieren usar.

Quizás es que no son anti-nada, y que ven la tecnología como lo que es: una herramienta. Y usan la que encuentran mejor para ellos.
Me da igual lo que pueda decir cualquiera: los Mac y Mac OS X son una plataforma absolutamente válida para cualquier tipo de trabajo. Tal es así que se usa en la Nasa. Guste o no, es la realidad.

El resto, son argumentos de fanboy.