nilien "Demystification is an indispensable tool in a democratic, pluralist politics that seeks to hold officials accountable to (less unjust versions of) the rule of law and to check attempts to impose a system of (racial, civilizational, religious, sexual, class) domination. But there are limits to its political efficacy, among them that exposes of illegality, greed, mendacity, oligarchy, or hypocrisy do not reliably produce moral outrage and that, if they do, this outrage mayor may not spark ameliorative action. [...] ethical political action on the part of humans seems to require not only a vigilant critique of existing institutions but also positive, even utopian alternatives."

"The point, again, is that we need both critique and positive formulations of alternatives, alternatives that will themselves become the objects of later critique and reform."

Jane Bennett - Vibrant Matter: A Political Ecology of Things
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